Express Delivery

Enginetr gives a lot of options in international packing service thanks to well educated and experienced stuff. We have ability to reply our partners request in 15 minutes for express cargos. So that our partners gain times and they can give better service to their customers. Enginetr is a reliable solution partner in EU countries.


Enginetr was established by Pioneer manufacturers of Turkish Industry and thanks to its product range, Enginetr gives services& solutions to companies which are automotive spare parts business

Enginetr takes position at global market with engine spare parts for passenger & light commercial weichles and we manage our operations from Turkey. We are the best gate for high quality Turkish spare parts and we offer best prices for best quality engine spare parts to our partners. Always on the way with our crankshafts, connecting rods, engine bearings, camshaft, pistons and valves.


24/7 Availablity

If the topic is your request, question or problem, the time is not important. We are available for you 24 hours / 7 days.

Focused on our customer demands

We are focused on customer demands. We know what market needs and the problems. Therefore we go to our customers not only with prices but also with solutions.

Enginetr – a well experienced company

We have been in this business while there are radical changes at global trading. We have spent 10 years to find out solutions to catch the aera.

We have a well-equipped team

Our team member are well educated & experienced. They have all knowledge about their business and they can imediatelly answer your questions.